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Discover the Potential of Free Link Sharing

It’s interesting to think back to around 1999 or 2000, when online “sharing” meant allowing your buddies to look over your shoulder at an amusing photo you just found online. If you were really up on technology you might have actually emailed the photo to your pals as an attachment! Today, sharing free links to my website is so common that businesses share links every day for marketing purposes

Today, the one arena in which free link sharing might be most valuable is internet marketing. The basic premise behind link sharing for marketing purposes is simple — by sharing links strategically through a variety of web sources, a company can expand its online presence.

In order for free link sharing to occur, a reciprocal link must be built between two websites. A reciprocal link allows two way traffic between sites, and is the most basic example of link sharing. A link exchange is a location on the web where many reciprocal links exist, and, therefore, link exchanges play a fun Continue reading…

Reap the Rewards of Free Link Sharing

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 71 percent of American households had internet access during 2010; of those without home internet access, nearly 10 percent had daily internet access at another location. Factor in that about 57 percent of the U.S. population owns smartphones, or other mobile devices, and you have tens of millions of Americans who are perpetual targets for online advertisers.

If you have ever seen the 2002 film Minority Report, you might remember the part that showed citizens being pummeled by personalized advertisement via eye tracking. A decade ago that may have seemed ludicrous, but if the personalized advertising we encounter online every day is any indication, it could be closer than initially thought. Regardless, the more wired we become, the more opportunities marketers will have to influence the purchases we make.

While the time of “eye tracking” is probably a few years off, businesses need to settle for more realistic internet marketing strategies such as Continue reading…

Are Link Exchanges, or Social Media Better for Your Marketing Strategy?

Link sharing is an integral piece to the search engine optimization puzzle, but over the years its importance has shifted. Once it was possible to use link sharing and exchanges to quickly boost your search engine ranking, but more emphasis is placed these days on the quality of those links. If you want to utilize a free link share, you have two options.

  • Social media.
  • It is true, social media is not what most people immediately think of when they think of a free link share. But if you can share link for free on social bookmarking sites, you could benefit from wide distribution of that link. All it takes is a few shares for a link to get widely dispersed and referenced by bloggers and websites that also find your link interesting. Although not designed for free link shares, at their core, free link shares are what social bookmarking sites are.

  • Free link sharing.
  • You will need to look for sites that allow you to share links, and use free link posting to widely Continue reading…

Building Organic Links

Link building is a massive component to how well your page ranks in search engine results. In the eyes of the search algorithms, the more people link to your site, the more credible you are, and the higher your rank on a search results page will be. So how do you get these wonderful links?

There are a number of free link sharing and free link posting sites on the Internet. Some can help, and some can hurt. Search engines value human actions more than automated ones, so anytime you use automation to share links, you need to do some digging to make sure your efforts will not hurt you more than help you. Is the link sharing site reputable? Or does it promise certain results that seem “too good to be true”?

Some sites are reputable and can get you the results you want. However, natural, organic ways to share links are always a safe and stable option. If you find a site that you think might help your clients if your site for whatever reason cannot, then (assuming they are not direct compe Continue reading…